American Service Pets!

American Service Pets support people in need. FTC Disclosure//This Website Has an Affiliate Agreement With American Service Pets and MaxBounty, and if purchases are made from our links, we are paid a commission! Get Registered for aSupport Animal the Easy, Legit Way. There’s a lot of mixed information and scams out there. Unfortunately, many websites claim to … Read more

How to Soothe Dry Dog Nose

How to Soothe Dry Dog Nose A dry, warm nose can indicate a dog is sick. Although the temperature and humidity of a dog’s nose may fluctuate throughout the day, it should remain moist most of all. Products available thru Walmart. What is the Importance of a Wet Nose? Dogs are able to smell 10,000 … Read more

How to Keep a Dog Healthy

How to Keep a Dog Healthy. Products Available thru Walmart. Your pets will always depend on you to keep your dog healthy.  Routine check-ups, grooming, and frequent exercise will help keep your dogs super healthy. Also, it’s crucial for you to study your dogs’ habits – sleeping, drinking, eating, and more. A difference in those … Read more

Darwins Natural Pet Products

Products available thru PetSmart. Darwins Natural Pet Products has been in business since 2004. Their goal is to assist pets and their owners to live a longer, healthier life. Darwins provides dog and cat foods, formulated by veterinarians and animal nutritionists, and prepared from natural free range meats and organically grown vegetables. The fresh raw meals, prepared … Read more