Received a new affiliate agreement with!

Received a new affiliate agreement with!

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It’s Never Been Easier To Give BackAt Chewy, we share your passion for pets. You can help us make an even greater impact by donating items to your local shelter or rescue through their Wish List. Ready to bring love home? Search for your new family member today.

Some of the critters we have fostered and adopted!

Cooper the Basset, adopted, has been with us 4 years.

You Give Hope, We Give BackSince 2012, we’ve donated more than $97M in products to ensure that shelter and rescue animals get the quality

care they deserve.

Sprout, we fostered her for quite a few months, sweet dog, terrible thief, steals shoes, socks, slippers, towels, blankets and takes them outside, she’s even taken her bed outside. She has since gone to her forever home up north! Has new cat buddies to play with!

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Syrah stayed with us several months, sweet to us and our dogs, aggresive to all others including the vet.

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“When I founded Rescue City, I established a relationship between the organization and Chewy. The relationship has been fruitful to say the least. It is a pleasure to work with a company that truly holds its customers dear and treats every single one as royalty.”

Stella Plit, CEO Rescue City

Hootdaddy the Manx was rescued, with us many years, has since passed, we miss him.

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“Lucky Lab Rescue & Adoption can’t thank Chewy enough for its support. By donating back to rescues, it helps save more dogs and cats across America. Thank you, Chewy, for all the love!”

Katherine Martin, Founder and President Lucky Lab Rescue & Adoption

Buttercup was adopted, lived on the streets many years, with us 4 years, has since passed, her final years were wonderful.

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“We feel good letting our supporters know about Chewy’s Shelter and Rescue Network because what they offer is spot on with our mission: To help make pet parenthood easier, more affordable and fun!”

Beth Zimmerman, Founder + Director Pets for Patriots



Chewy’s New Wish List Feature Lets You Send Pet Supplies Directly to Your Local Shelter’s Front Door

By: Chewy EditorialUpdated: August 11, 2021

Chewy Wish List Studio

BeGenerous > Chewy Gives Back > Chewy’s New Wish List Feature Lets You Send Pet Supplies Directly to Your Local Shelter’s Front Door

Looking for a way to support your local shelter? Of course you are—shelter and rescue staff and volunteers are heroes for pets and the people who love them! That’s why Chewy’s launched a game-changing, powerful new tool that makes it easy for you to give shelters and rescues the products they need: Wish List.

With Wish List, you simply select the organization you want to support, shop from the list of products they need, then check out and let Chewy take it from there, shipping direct to their door at no extra cost to you. What could be better than that?

What Is Wish List?

As every pet parent will tell you, pets need stuff. Like, a lot of stuff. From food and treats to toys, beds and beyond, there’s a whole bunch of gear that goes into helping give pets their best lives. Shelters and rescues often rely on donations for these items. But one shelter’s needs can vary drastically from another’s. A cat rescue won’t have much use for dog treats, and a shelter in Arizona probably doesn’t need a ton of self-heating beds. So how do you know what to send your local organizations?

Wish List makes it easy. Shelters and rescues now have the ability to curate a list of items from Chewy’s vast assortment that they need—anything from kibble and litter to more specialized things like bottles and formula for newborn kittens. Then, patrons like you can shop from that exact list, created by the shelter or rescue, and Chewy will deliver those products right to their front door. Think of it as a direct line to your local pet-saving superheroes, giving you the chance to make a difference by sending their way just the right supplies at the just right time.

Who Can I Help?

Any non-profit shelter or rescue in the U.S. can sign up to make their own Wish List—which means there’s probably one near you! We’ve made it easy to find shelters and rescues in your area to support. Just head to and scroll to the Donate to a Rescue link at the bottom of the page. Click, and you’ll be able to enter your zip code to search for organizations who are helping pets in your community. And you’re not limited to supporting shelters near you, either. For example, if you were inspired by Melissa Gable, chief engagement officer at Foothills Animal Rescue and one of our Heroes of the Month, you can find that shelter by searching rescues in the Scottsdale, Arizona area. (That’s zip code 85260, btw.)

If your favorite local shelter or rescue doesn’t have a Wish List yet, why not tip them off? Send them this link——and let them know you’d like to do some shopping on their behalf.

How Do I Get Started?

Once you’ve found a shelter or rescue you’d like to support, click through to their Wish List. There, you can browse all the products that will help the pets they serve. Can’t decide? Take a deep breath and think about the impact you’d like to have on the shelter and its pets. Want to make sure their animals’ basic needs are met? Send food and litter. Want to add some joy to their lives? Select a toy from the list. If you’d like to help pets with medical issues, send a Chewy gift card—shelters can use those funds toward prescription medications, as well as other items they may need.

Add your selected items to your donation cart, check out, and you’re done! Chewy will send your donation directly to the shelter’s doorstep—so you can skip the part where you have to lug heavy food bags to in-person drop-offs. We’ll also send your shelter or rescue an email letting them know you’ve made a generous donation to their cause.

When you donate using Chewy’s Wish List, pets get the supplies they need, shelters and rescues get to fulfill their mission, and you get that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing you’ve made a difference. Think of it as a win-win-win.

Helping More People Bring Love Home

Join Chewy in giving back to your local shelter or rescue by donating items from their Wish List or adopting a pet.

FTC Disclosure//This Website Has an Affiliate Agreement With and Partnerize, and if purchases are made from our links, we are paid a commission!

Bongo the bully, master of the house, or animals at least. He just wandered up, and never left. Been with us 8 years.

Cinnamon came to us with a badly broken leg, had to be amputated.

She is faster on 3 legs when most dogs are on four. She was adopted by loving folks in New Hampshire.

Misty, the Great Pyrenees mix, came to us to foster until being transported to her forever home up north, leaving next Wednesday. She’s adopted!

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