Best Foods for Dogs and Cats

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Best Foods for Dogs and Cats

Dogs do a great job in assisting humans emotionally. Through dog’s help and love, many have been able to survive the bad times that they had.

One way to express appreciation is by feeding dogs with good food. In addition, you can provide them with the right dog bed, toys to play, and dog treats. Dogs deserve to eat well – in fact, appropriate food is required for them.

How to Shop For Pet Food

The dog is not that picky when it comes to food. But this does not mean that they can eat any type of food for dinner, breakfast, or lunch.

When you want to choose your dog food, you have to do well to consider:

  • The ingredients that were used to make the food.
  • The company’s ethos.

It is very vital to remember that dogs are living things. And just like humans, the food that works for a dog might not work for another. Keep in mind, all your dog needs is a complete and balanced diet, which they deserve.

Here, we are going to consider some types of dog food you might want to keep in mind.

Some Foods You Might Want To Consider

  • Organic Food (with Organic Label)

With an organic label on your dog, there are certain benefits to it. With the organic tags, your dog food is confirmed to be free of toxic substances, antibiotics, and so on.

  • Dry Food or Wet/Canned Food

Dog experts recommend dry food over wet food. Why? When you buy wet food, the amount of water present there makes a loss. Freeman added a benefit of buying dry food – the friction, when chewing can make the dog’s teeth and gum firm. What’s more – bags of dry food are cheaper to buy when compared to other wet foods.

Best Dog and Cat Foods

1. Taste of the Wild Ancient Prairie

Their new formula includes grains like sorghum and millet. Also, their first ingredient is all protein that is made from buffalo and pork. This is the best budget for dog food. This feed is readily available for purchase on Chewy.

2. Royal Canin

Whether large, small, junior, or senior dogs, the formula of Royal Canin have all the nutritional requirements for your dog’s growth. It is also available for you to buy.

3. Instinct RawBoost Mixers

If you intend to give your dog dry food, it is advisable to add a topper. This is because it gives a good amount of nutrients. You can add these toppers by adding a cooked egg, using dark green, pumpkins, etc.

Or you can use dried toppers found in the Instinct RawBoostMixer (pieces of meat).

4. Orijen Original Dry Dog Food

Most of these ingredients (85%) are from animals and the remaining is from fruits and veggies. Fresh meat of chicken and turkey are available in the formula of this food.

We also have some such as;

5. Organix Chicken and Oatmeal Dry Dog Food

In this dog food, the first ingredient is the organic chicken. Along with these, we have grains such as oats and barley with coconut oil to ensure growth.

6. The Honest Kitchen

Among the ingredients, chicken is the first. We also have cranberries and carrots in there. This will enable your dog to have a balanced diet.

7. Wag Pet Products

Is a home delivery service for dogs provided by amazon, nutritious and cost friendly.

8. Only Natural Pet (MaxMeat: Air-Dried And Grain Free Dog Food)

This food is mixed with dried meat. It contains lamb and cod formula which can be used as a topper. This can add to the protein of your dog’s dish. Note that the lamb used is a good, pasture-raised New Zealand of the best quality. Nutritional, isn’t it?

9. RACHELRAY Nutrish

This is a super premium dry food for your dogs, which has beef as the first ingredient. And also, fruit and veggies such as pumpkins, blueberries, spinach, and carrots are available within.

Others include:

10. Hill’s Science Diet

This is the best advisable wet food. There has been development in the process of this food to have a better effect on your dog.

11. Blue Buffalo

This brand is specially made to suit the needs of your puppies. It contains the vital nutrients needed for your puppies to grow into dogs.

12. Purina

Suitable for your large and giant dog breeds! It’s also available for you to buy on Chewy.

13. Wellness Pet Food

This is made especially for small dogs. This helps to meet their nutritional needs. These foods consist of small kibble bites (containing calories) that are easy to use.

While there is the best food in which you can feed your dog to grow more, there is also food you can abstain from. This is for your dog’s sake.

Stay Away From these Foods

Not everything edible for humans is edible for pets. Here is a list of foods you can abstain from, for your pet’s sake.

1. Chocolates and Candies

Dogs love the smell of chocolate, but if they consume them, it is quite harmful.

2. Onions And Garlic

Onions and Garlic are also harmful to dogs, causing damage to their red blood cells. Then, further, it leads to anemia and death, if it is continuous.

3. Citrus

Citrus is present in fruits e.g. orange, lemon, lime, grape, etc. Giving them one of these fruits can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and even worse, depression.

4. Milk and Lactose

Some pets may be allergic to lactose and this can lead to stomach upset e.g. diarrhea. So if your pet reacts to milk and its product, it’s best to stay away from it.

5. Fatty Foods

Sweet and fatty foods should be avoided for your pet. Fatty foods can cause illnesses e.g. pancreatitis, which can be very bad in your dog’s body. When you abstain from these, you’ll be a step close to maintaining the health of your pet.

6. Raw Yeast Dough

Although your pet can eat a little bread, the raw dough is off-limit. This raw yeast dough can cause the digestive system to begin to gas. Further, it can also lead to gastric dilation.

Sure, you don’t want all these to affect your pet. Then, please stick to the pet food recommended and abstain from the ones mentioned above. Then, you will see your pet healthy and emotionally fine.

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