Best Dewormers for Dogs

Best Dewormers for Dogs

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When dogs eat unwanted foods or roll on dirty surfaces, they tend to be infected with worms. What are worms? The word “worm” refers to any parasite that lives inside the gut or digestive tract of an animal.

Though it is not possible to stop dogs from these activities, we should remember that their health is very important. Allowing these worms to grow can be very dangerous to your dog. It affects the health of the dog, causing malnutrition and other problems.

To remove and kill these worms off, you need the use of dewormers. But take caution, not all dewormer products can really kill these worms. Even, there are also dewormers that give side effects on your dog, when used.

Exactly why, in this article, I’m going to enlighten you about worms and your pet(s) safety. The symptoms of worms in your dogs, ways by which your dog can get worms, etc. are going to be considered. Finally, we’ll see the features to consider when choosing a dewormer and also, best dewormers for dogs.

Ways through Which Dogs Get Infected With Worms

In this section, we’re going to see how dogs get worms such as tapeworms and whipworms. Although there are other worms that a dog can get infected with, we are going to consider only two of these worms.

  • Tapeworm

For transmission, tapeworms need hosts. The way they transmit is the same as that of other worms.

It starts when the tapeworm’s egg in faeces get eaten by hosts such as sheep, pigs, etc. This egg is eaten hatch in the intestine of the host and when it does, it releases larvae. These larvae penetrate organs such as the liver, lung, etc.

Therefore, when these organ meats are not properly cooked and fed to dogs, the larvae are transmitted. Then, these larvae develop into adults in dogs and another life cycle begins.

  • Whipworm

The eggs of the whipworm are usually found in the faeces of dogs. And within two to four weeks of the ejection, they get embryonated into the environment and an infective larva develops.

So during this period, if a dog licks the area that is contaminated with faeces, the eggs will be passed from the soil to the dog’s colon. This is where the worm develops into an adult and also, another life cycle continues.

As said earlier, the mode of transmission is common to other worms but the way it affects dogs differs from one worm to the other.

Symptoms of Worms in Dogs

For tapeworm or roundworm infection, they can be easily detected in the faeces of your dog. For other worms, it is quite difficult to detect them, especially when they’re in the early stage. For this, you need the help of a vet doctor and some clinical tests that are to be carried out on your dog’s faeces.

Note that nutrients in the food are fought for by parasites and also, normal body cells. Here are some symptoms you might want to look out for, to detect worms.

  • Your dog experiences increased appetite but it doesn’t put on additional weight.
  • Your dog vomits severally.
  • The stool becomes loose and soft. Sometimes, blood may even appear on the stool (depending on the kind of parasite).
  • Apparent decrease in the weight of the dog.
  • Your dog may itch severely and experience skin irritation.
  • Hair loss and even, dull coat (due to insufficient nutrients).
  • Loss of energy and strength to do some activities.
  • As said earlier, visible symptoms as worms will be seen in the faeces of your dog.

These symptoms require a dewormer. A dewormer is a drug made to kill parasites – its egg and its larva in the gut of the animal. These unwanted materials (dead worms) will now be forced out of the dog’s body through the excreta.

Choosing a Dewormer; Factors You Should Consider

It can be hard to choose the right dewormer for your dog. Keep in mind, your aim is to kill the worm and keep your dog healthy. Now, we have some of the factors you should consider when looking for a dewormer.

1. Ensure that the Ingredients Used in the Manufacture of the Product Suits Your Needs.

Sure, there are chemicals that have been added to a dewormer. Go a little bit further by searching out some chemicals and see if any of them doesn’t affect your dog.

Various ingredients used to make a dewormer have an effect to kill a particular pest or disease. Keep in mind that the chemical ingredient of a dewormer affects the sort of dewormer you want to buy. So, make sure that you buy the right dewormer that will give no side effects on your dog.

2. Ensure to Use the Number of Doses Required to Kill the Worms.

Just like other meds, dewormers can be given in specific doses and periods. The number of doses given to a dog differs from dewormer to dewormer. Make sure you use the required amount of dose to help you get rid of the worms.

Also, buy dewormers specific to the worm of your dogs. Ensure you know how the treatment is applied to your dog. Learn how to get dewormers and how to apply them, if you have two or more dogs.

Now, we’ve considered the factors to keep in mind. Next, we’ll see the best dewormer you can use on your dog.


Best Deworming Medications for Dogs

1. Safeguard Canine Dewormer

This dewormer is powdered and can be mixed with your dog’s food. This does not change your food’s taste but if your dog notices, you can mix it with canned food or water.

This dewormer forces out and prevents intestinal worms, be it tapeworm, roundworm or hookworm. The dewormer is to be used on your dog twice a year as a dose lasts for six months. You have to give this dose to your dog for a period of 3 days without stopping.

A benefit to this dewormer also, is that it is safe for dogs over 6 weeks and even, pregnant dogs. This product, when used, produces no side effects on your dog.

The safeguard dewormer is very affordable and inexpensive. The product is worth the price and more.

2. Durvet Triple Wormer

This dewormer has twelve tablets and this should make it worth the huge price. The number of tablets you give to your dog depends on the weight. So, for a big dog, this dewormer may last you for few months.

Each dose of this dewormer can get rid of about seven kinds of parasites, including tapeworm, roundworm, etc. The Durvet Triple Wormer is good but its price and the fact that it’s not for all dogs is a turn-off.

3. Durvet Liquid Wormer 2X

This liquid wormer is good for deworming puppies. It is very effective and safe to use on puppies of ages two weeks and beyond.

There is enough liquid in the bottle to give the first three doses that your dog needs. This, not only get rid of the worms inside your dog’s body but also prevents other worms from entering. The dewormer is liquid, thus this gives you many options on how to apply the dosage.

The dewormer does not kill the worms but forces them out of the dog’s body through the faeces. Although this dewormer is good for dogs, it works best for puppies.

4. Sentry HC WormX Liquid Dewormer

If your dog has hookworm or roundworm and you prefer a liquid dewormer, Sentry HC is right for you!!

This dewormer treats dogs with weights up to 120 pounds. This can be used on puppies, adult dogs and even, pregnant and lactating dogs. This dewormer helps to remove and kill worms and also, prevent worms.

For every weight of ten pounds, you can give one teaspoon of this dewormer. This dewormer has a fine taste that dogs can lick alone. It can also be mixed with dog’s food. This dewormer, sure, can eliminate as many worms in your dog’s body as possible.

5.Bayer Chewable Quad Dewormer

Natural ingredients such as black walnut, pumpkin seed and so on are the components of this dewormer. This helps to force worms out of the digestive tract or gut of an animal (dog, in this case).

Though it is always good to go natural, keep in mind that it is not as powerful as chemicals. However, for taking care of mild issues, this dewormer can prove very effective.

Another benefit to this dewormer is that it will help to improve the health of your dog. You can also use this dewormer for cats, making it multi-purpose. But, you might need to use another dewormer to treat serious problems that may arise in your dog.


If you notice any sign or symptom that shows your dog has worms, visit your vet doctor. Otherwise, you can use the dewormer that suits your need.

The top-rated dewormer
you should go for is the safe-guard Canine Dewormer or the Sentry HC. These two have the capacity to get rid of worms in your dog’s body.

Keep in mind, not all dewormers are safe and effective. After diagnose of worms, you can now pick one of these dewormers that suits your needs. In addition, make sure that you apply the appropriate dose for your dog.

This will ensure the good state of health of your dogs, in terms of worms!!


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