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American Service Pets support people in need.

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Get Registered for a
Support Animal the Easy, Legit Way.

There’s a lot of mixed information and scams out there. Unfortunately, many websites claim to register your pet as a support animal but you’re left with the hassle, stress, and embarrassment of being interrogated because not everyone knows how to check these registers. Some websites make you dig up proof of a disability or doctors notes. Others provide a fake cheap unrefundable $30 letter that can’t be used because it’s not doctor-approved or from an official organization. They’ll also try to tell you that you need stuff you don’t, like badges and starter kit. So don’t be fooled…

We have done the research and grunt work for you.

We make it easy to complete the process legitimately. All you need is an official approval letter we can provide you with after just a few simple online questions right now—so you can have the important support of your pet—without anxiety-provoking questions.

Wish you could claim your pet as an emotional support animal?

Get Your Official
Approval Letter Here.

As the nation’s leading all-in-one solution for approving emotional support animals for housing and psychiatric service animals for travel, we’ve got you – and your pet covered.

  • Quick Online Questionnaire (Finish in Minutes)
  • Connect with a Healthcare Professional
  • Official Letter Accepted Nationwide (Beware of Scams)
  • 95% of Our Applicants Qualify!


Hurry, before the laws change!

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