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Hello Wealthy Affiliate Friends and Good Morning. I mentioned yesterday that we were going to be fostering an abused puppy. This is Cinnamon, she and 3 other siblings were thrown from a moving vehicle into a vacant lot. Cinnamon’s leg got broken, thought they were going to have to amputate, but they did save it, it hurts her pretty badly. We think she will be with us for 4-6 weeks. She has a good appetite and loves our other 2 dogs. I thought they said she was Golden Retriever mix, but I don’t think so. If she is then I’m Grizzly Bear mix

She Is A Tripawd Now

This is an update on Cinnamon Girl, we did amputate her leg after all, she has come back to stay with us for a white to heal. The puppies names are Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, and Ginger, also known as The Spice Girls. You can see her bent leg in the picture below, it hurt her more than being 3 legged and that leg wasn’t ever going to heal properly. Hope the next picture doesn’t upset you. She had the amputation done last Tuesday, came to us yesterday. She seems to be doing surprising well. She walks easily, comes up and down the steps, and growls at the other dogs when they come after her food or bully stick. She is comfy in her crate, but loves laying out in the sun. She’s so glad to be back with Cooper and Buttercup, they are being very gentle with her. We expect she will be with us 4-6 weeks, then be transported up north. She will do good in the snow, she loved it when we got the 9 inches, and in Texas.



The pictures above are of her leaving the transport, three days transporting, next two pictures are meeting her new people and their dog. Best of luck Cinnamon Girl. Cooper and Buttercup miss you also.


An update on Cinnamon, she has healed from the amputation, has been adopted by her new forever family,, they have a dog also and they reside in New Hampshire.
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